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Its funny how I did this whole shoot thing just a few days before my birthday. Its sort of a birthday gift to myself. The pay is great too! I’d rather still be called teen even though I turned 20 now. 20 sucks because its like I’m not 21 yet to do many of the things I want and I’m not a teen anymore. It would be nice if they made the legal age 20 instead of 21 don’t you think? With my hair in pigtails, I look a lot younger, and that’s what I wanted to portray. Once I was on a plane and they thought I was 15! About my body, the photographer is right, I’m not into my breasts at all. I don’t like how small they are, and I don’t like my nipples. He said they are fine but I think he’s just being nice. I like my legs and I like my butt, and I get compliments on them all the time, so that’s why I like wearing short skirts. Might as well show off what you’ve got! I would never get implants though. I just wish there was some potion you could drink that would make your breasts grow a cup size. As you saw in my video the night before I love anal sex. I think in sex I can cum more easily with anal sex than vaginal sex. I don’t know why! Otherwise I have to use a vibrator on my clit and have an orgasm the normal way. One thing I was experimenting with was how many fingers I can push into my butt since I saw some girls try extreme stuff on the site. Well I got four in today on video! That was insane. It hurt on the 4th finger but 2 fingers feels good. So speaking of vibrators, I brought my own to use for the shoot and I did it on the bed, in the same way I’d do it on my own bed. I broke my good one so this one was weaker and it took me longer to cum. I told the photographer that I need to shave my legs because my hair grows so fast on my legs! You’d think that because I’m a natural blonde with light hair I wouldn’t have issues like that but for some unlucky reason I have coarse hair on my legs, like my mom does. We even have the same ingrown hair issues that’s a pain to deal with. The fun part for me is using the water faucet to masturbate! I cum so fast from it when I do it. I don’t have a fancy tub like this one so I never really get the chance to do it anymore and have to use vibrators. Its hard to put my legs up in a tiny bathtub and get the water running just right onto my clit. Its like this tub in the FTV house is designed for masturbating! I put my legs just right and it was total cumming perfection for me. Sorry if I came so fast but I didn’t expect it so quick especially since I came once already with the vibrator.

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