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Model Comments: Hi I’m Milena, Latina origin but I cant speak Spanish. I graduated from high school last summer and Im going to go to college. I want to study pharmacy because I was working at a drugstore and learned a lot about it. My friend is Celina which introduced me to the FTV thing and so here I am modeling nude and masturbating. We both went to the same high school together. My breasts are growing so fast that I went from a cup to c cup in less than 2 years. It sort of made stretch marks because of it. I think they are still growing. I was very conservative when I was growing up because of my traditional family. When I turned 16 things changed a lot like I lost my virginity and learned how to masturbate and cum. I really like sex and masturbating now and can never get enough of it. My mom is very conservative and she doesnt know about any of this. Im moving out soon so it wont be a problem. Me & Celine might be moving in together and we will make enough money from adult modeling. We arent into lesbian stuff so even though photographer asked me if we would I dont think I would be comfortable doing that with my friend. I love guys and Im thinking all the people who watch FTV are guys so it doesnt matter. I love masturbating and nowadays since I dont have a boyfriend I do a lot of it. In my video on the couch nobody told me how long I was supposed to do it so I kept doing it and cumming until I felt satisfied enough.
I brought two dresses with me because he said I should bring some sexy dresses to wear. The grey stripe one I went to a pretty fancy formal thing once. I wore the black one because the photographer liked that one. I really liked the black & white shots of me theyre sexy and Im going to put them on my myspace page. I danced to some strange music that wasnt my choice the photographer chose it. I like hip hop & r&b. I know Celine danced to r&b music when she visited FTV. Shes a better dancer than me but she also did some stripping on the side I know. Then I tried using a toy that looked like a penis but its bigger than any guy I know. It sort of felt good first then not so good after a few minutes. When Im in my bed I use my fingers to cum it always works for me. My breasts are still growing and I hope it keeps growing until Im a big c cup. I didnt know but now I tried and I see I can lick my nipple. I love lingerie and heels and I wear heels a lot. I brought a lot of it with me and I picked out my 3 favorites to show. I liked the blue one the most and the pictures with the ferrari were hot. I think it was about 2 hours later and it was getting dark when I masturbated one more time. This time it was the best and I had such a strong cum that my legs all tightened up. I twisted my toe muscle.

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