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Model Comments: We went shopping before shooting, and I got to pick out what I’d wear for an ‘interview’. I like looking professional, even if its more relaxed, casual wear. I’m not a big spender on clothes, I like to save, and I will only reward myself with shopping if I’ve achieved something. I’m full blooded Thai, and I have two sisters, one younger, one older. Actually its my younger sister Abby who got me into porn. My parents have no clue, and they would be very upset if they knew what we were doing. They have no reason to know. My parents wanted me to go into nursing, or some medical field. I did pre-med for over 2 years, but I really didn’t like it. Even though my parents paid for the schooling, I’m taking a semester off, then I’m going to into skin care and aesthetics. Medical school and nursing isn’t for me. My parents are very conservative, so they wouldn’t be so happy with my decisions, but I’m an adult, and can take care of myself now. I’m not into drugs or alcohol, and I don’t party. I avoid the adult industry people in LA, and I don’t really mesh with them well. I prefer to go for a nice lunch or dinner, watch a movie, curl up in bed, that sort of thing. Noise and smoke isn’t my thing! Even though I’ve had sex since I was 18, I’ve only had 2 boyfriends. One was 3 years long. How can I sum up my experience at FTV? Very fun, relaxed, and professional. Very different from LA porn, that’s for certain.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments:  Annie has a beautiful face and wonderful smile.  She’s got a more mature persona in comparison to most FTV girls, even down to the way she dresses.  We started in Chinatown, and I was at least able to get some footage before the security guard showed up (end of clip1).  She was going good there, starting to finger herself…  Her shoot is rather ‘conservative’ compared to most FTV girls, a little more ‘softcore’ even though she did a zucchini stuffing scene.  The biggest problem was that she couldn’t have real orgasms, and according to her, has never masturbated in her life.  I’m not sure if she’s simply not a sexual person, but because of it, I ended up shooting less than normal.  I need girls to be able to have real orgasms if I want to shoot more masturbation videos.  She’s a good tease, and extreme close-up fans will enjoy the spreads, long labia pulls, and extreme clit close-ups (hers is pretty large!).  Those of you who correlate larger clits with more sexuality or sensitivity to orgasms/vibrators can see not that its not relevant.  I’ve had girls with the smallest clitoris fly at the slightest touch.  As they say, size doesn’t matter ha-ha.

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-> Public Nudity at Chinatown
-> Masturbation with toy
-> Extreme Close-ups
-> Long Labia Stretching
-> Zucchini Stuffing
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