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Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m born & raised in Tampa, Florida. Just recently I moved to Philadelphia with my boyfriend who works for a company there, and I have a job there too. We make good money but I always had a thing for doing bikini shoots while I was in Florida and like the modeling life. I’ve done a lot of topless nudes and implied nudes in the past 3 years but never anything like this. I wanted to start with the best site if I’m going to get naked and masturbate, and even my boyfriend was ok with me trying it out first here. I flew all the way from Philly to Phoenix and arrived late at night, went to sleep and my video starts on breakfast the next day. I met the model Alison who is nice but totally dwarfs me in person. Even her breasts are bigger than mine and hers are natural. We pulled out our cleavage at the breakfast place (where there was a lot of old retired people around) and then visited a park. That’s where went completely naked for the first time. Of all things in a public place! One guy in a work truck kept circling around to watch because he probably caught me flashing something. I forgot how much public stuff the FTV shoots are, I mean I had access to the site and saw how the shoots went. Because after the park, we’re at another location, a hotel most likely, and shooting in front of this door that enters a convention area. Alison kept watch behind the door but then when she was videotaping me, there was nobody to keep an eye on anyone coming through the door! And guess what, right when I’m spreading my butt cheeks, a lady walks past me and gives me the dirty look. I don’t blame her she saw me with my skirt up all bare naked! Well after all that excitement, we headed back to a safe place and they had me masturbate. I was horny enough and wet inside from all the stuff that went down or maybe just because I was all hot and sweaty. Until recently when my boyfriend got me a vibrator as a present, I masturbate with my fingers only and its worked for me since I first discovered how to orgasm back when I was 15. I closed my eyes and did the same thing here, and I was glad it worked! I didn’t know if I would freeze up in front of the camera. I had one orgasm, that tingled through my body down to my toes, and it felt really good.
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-Flashing at Restaurant, Park, Resort
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/fingers
-Dressup Scene, Alison & Lia Play
-Breast Massage w/Alison
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
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