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Hey, guys. Meet Maricella. She’s a 21 year old who is starting her career in adult with FTV, a total first timer who hadn’t done any nudity yet. Only maybe a couple of selfies and such. Maricella is part Filipina, German, and Native American. Her blue/green eyes and freckles definitely make her stand out, and that cute sweet face adds to her charm. Speaking of that, she’s very charismatic girl, with a smile and totally positive attitude.

Her height: 5’8", her figure: 36B-27-38.

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  • Release date: September 23, 2016
  • Total photos in the members area: 376
  • Total videos in the members area: 108 minutes
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Hey guys! My name is Maricella I was born and raised in Nevada. I’m a small town girl with a lot of aspirations in life such as being a model and actress, I’ve thought about being a Nurse or a Doctor but the more I think about it, that’s just not for me. I’ve been to school to be a medical assistant and hated it. Went to school to become a real estate agent but what I didn’t realize you need like $3,000 just to start your business. Now I’m kind of lost and I’m focusing on my hobbies like modeling and acting. I also want to get into painting. I used to be a really good artist when I was younger, I could look at something and draw it exactly how I saw it. I kind of fell out of drawing when I joined theatre in high school. In high school I was a major theatre nerd, theatre was like a second home for me. It really helped to break me out of my shell, I used to be very quiet and timid but as soon as I hit the stage it was like a different world. unfortunately my school cut theatre due to budget cuts and I then joined volleyball. I love volleyball but it just wasn’t what I wanted so I joined the hip-hop team and performed for the whole school like at pep-assemblys.

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