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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: To explain the circumstances behind how this model was discovered: Lia was having a shoot done at this studio, some sort of photography/arts studio designed to be rented out and used by clients for whatever purposes. The studio in this case was being rented out by two fans/members of Lia’s website (whom had traveled from Germany to make it happen). So I came down to visit and watch them do the Lia shoots, and possibly make it an update for her site. I noticed a girl who looked very attractive, model-type, sexy sitting passively in the main lobby — she was picking up some portfolio book from another photographer over there. She had taken quite a fancy over the Lia shoot in progress, and had talked to Lia earlier (before I came down to visit). Well, when I did talk to her, she seemed very interested in shooting for FTV, and it seemed that Lia had ‘converted’ her already. So after giving her the basics, she just followed along with my directions, and we started videotaping. Though obviously shy & her first time doing anything like this, she went along with it and turned out to be quite a sexual girl.
What immediately attracted me to her was her classy, reserved manner, and her long legs, slim body, and sexy dress she was wearing. Thoughts definitely came as to ‘how she looks down there’, ‘how she looks naked’, etc… Well she got naked very easily, and we get to see some upskirt at first, then some topless with Lia’s encouragement. Nice breasts… even though they are implants, they are nicely done, almost real-looking because she didn’t go all ‘massive’ like some girls do. Fits her form perfectly. As a warm-up, I took her to the back lobby, and had her play with herself on the couch. You can see she is understandably nervous, especially for the fact that there are people in the lobby just a few meters away (some who she probably knows as well). With her panties off, we see very pretty ‘private parts’, in fact very nice for closeups later. Quite inviting. Going into the makeup room, I let her check herself out, and try a little breast play. When Lia came in, I decided to push it a little further, and see what Sabrina is all about — and had her suck on Lia’s exposed nipple. Hot stuff, and it seemed to me that Sabrina had done more than suck on girls’ nipples before.
Then it was time to see if Sabrina could masturbate right there, otherwise she would have to come to one of the FTV houses to do it there. I had some toys with me (for Lia at the time), and Sabrina picked out the egg-shaped one. Here’s where I knew she would be the perfect FTV girl… first the simple fact that she would so readily masturbate on camera, then not only that, but in a public place right where people could watch! Then she gets so into it, and has a real orgasm. Awesome, and erotic. Later she mentioned that the fact she was in that ‘risque’ situation, it made it more intense for her and it turned her on/got her off even better. The more I learned about her off camera, the more interesting she became.
After all the action, she was dancing a bit (cheerfully) to the music in the studio, so I asked her to do some again so I can videotape it. It seems that the orgasm brought her spirits up quite a bit. We went out to the parking lot, to take off for lunch and do some paperwork as well as an interview on camera, when I saw her car. Pretty impressive — a BMW Z4, and it suits her so perfectly. She looks good in it. So we ended up taking some photos of her next to her car, and pushed that ‘outdoor’ nudity on her. Even some flashing at the interview.
So what I learned about her, is that she’s originally from the Midwest, moved to Phoenix about 6 years ago because of a boyfriend thing, and when they broke up, she pursued her modeling career. She does make some decent income from her ‘high fashion’ modeling work, but has always been intrigued by the adult industry, namely Playboy/Penthouse type stuff. Well I was at the right place at the right time, and broke her into more than just softcore photos! She said she would never do hardcore, which is fine by me, as long as she does the good stuff that is FTV. We did not shoot anymore that day, and set up something to continue with a full update for FTV. I crossed my fingers that she wouldn’t change her mind & return… and she did, so there is more to see 🙂

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-Model Shoot & Play with Lia
-Masturbation to Orgasm at Studio
-Public Nudity/Flashing outdoors
-Lingerie Dressup, Extreme Closeups
-Double Penetration Toy & Anal
-Glass Toy, Fisting, Breast Massage
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