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Model Comments: Hello everyone, my name is Samantha. I was turned o to first time videos by a girlfriend of mine, and thought it would be a unique and interesting experience. When I first showed up on site I was very nervous. I have never been on video before, and it took me a few minutes to unwind. As the day progressed I was able to start having fun with the camera. It was incredibly liberating to be naked or partially naked in public like that. I have never been a shy girl, but this was an entirely new extreme for me! Almost getting caught a few times made my heart race… I definitely recommend everyone run around naked in public at least once in their lifetime to feel that sort of adrenaline rush! We went back to the house and it was time for my first masturbation scene. I am a highly sexual person and usually masturbate at least once a day, and the first time of the day always takes a little longer to orgasm. I kept thinking of the camera, which was a little distracting at first, and then it actually started to be very stimulating knowing that I was not only pleasuring myself, but helping you enjoy yourself as well!
The whole morning took a bit out of me, so we went to grab a bite to eat before we took more pictures. I couldn’t get over how invigorating this whole experience had been so far, so I was very interested in going back to the house for more. The second and third orgasms were much quicker… and I only used my fingers for the last one, so I was able to squirt on camera!
Overall this experience will definitely go down as one of the most unique in my lifetime, and completely unforgettable!!!
Thank you guys!
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Another hottie emails me, with a set of pictures on her application. And with those pics, I realized she is a must-have for FTV. Of course, my first question was, can you have a real orgasm on camera? She was like, ‘I can have a real one in personal life, on camera we’ll see’. Never done nude modeling for a website before, and doing this as a one-time thing, you’ll never see her on any other site. Notice in some of her photos she is a blonde — I found out that she is a natural blonde, but prefers to be a brunette now. Well it does make her blue eyes stand out more… but would you have preferred to see her as a blonde or as this brunette? I’m undecided, but like both. Nice butt, don’t you think? Very firm and just the right shape. I know some of you will not like the implants, or the back tattoo, but I think her beauty, comfort with public nudity, personality, and sexuality overcomes all that. She is an FTV girl in pretty much every way. I started the shoot indoors at the garage with the car, just to warm her up… but then headed out to a very fancy (and busy … lunch hour) mall that would help make her stand out in the crowd. Love those legs in the heels. As you can tell, there were many guys who passed a positive comment or two, and enjoyed her sexy presence. Pushing it further, I had her try masturbating around there as well. Her nervousness shows, and she was giggling a lot, but I kept rolling — nice personality. Gap in her teeth, yes, but cute smile nonetheless. On the couch, I had no idea when and/or if she would have an orgasm, but she did after a long while of getting into it. You can see the pleasure and relief on her face. We were both very hungry after this… and went to a local restaurant where she did talk a little more about her personal life. Why not find a random spot and flash some more… and show off that sexy butt 🙂

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-Squirting Orgasm, Stretching
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