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Hi, guys. Meet FTV Girls Kristen Two updates of this girl was anounced in the members area. And today is the day when the members can watch the action of the first one. And of course I share with you some photos of this horny teen girl. Kristen is 20 years old. Her height: 5’2", her figure: 33A-23-33. Yeah, very small tits. But not only her bobs small. She has a very tiny body. Kristen is another one girl with total first time experience. But in spite of this moment she performed a lot of crazy things with her pussy in this FTV Girls update. In total you can download all her 246 photos and 78 minutes of HD video right now from the members area.

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Meet the new FTV girl. Her name is Brooke, she is 24 years old, height: 5’6", figure: 34B-25-35. And this sexy girl has her total first time experience on FTV Girls. On the first photos she looks shy like the actress of “50 shades of grey”… But it only seems to be true. Brooke is very horny and will fuck large sex toy and cucumber today on the photos below. Become the member of FTV Girls and you’ll get access to:
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FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

Brooke flew in from Wisconsin — she sent these photos, which are from her webcam: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7, this girl seems to hide behind her glasses, looking all innocent — but she is a super frisky and sexual girl under those conservative clothes! She is looking to enter the adult industry, and gets her first adult experience with FTV. She’s not shy however, and whether it comes to public nudity or masturbation, she is very comfortable with it all. Her exhibitionist side comes out when we meet her at a restaurant area, with her homework in front of her. The glasses come off, and her daring side comes out when she flashes her breasts, and draw the attention of the workers inside! She ends up taking her pants down and fingering herself, getting herself wet and ready to masturbate. Back home, she gets naked, and uses the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She gets even more wet after orgasm, and her wet fingers come out… she then talks about her early sex life as she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She sort of a hippie nerd girl, without much in the way of dresses and heels, so she actuall borrows her mom’s dress and heels for the next part! Flashing and giving us upskirt teases, she pulls out her personal ribbed glass toy, and fucks herself with it. She then tries the opposite side for anal play, another first for her. We end up going shopping, and buying her a cute short skirt and top, with sexy strappy black heels (along with a flashing scene at a grocery store).

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356Super cute, super popular Fiona returns and brings her real life best friend with her … who is another first timer who has never done any adult work before! Brook, who is also 18 years old, has always loved Fiona as a friend, and both of them are bisexual – had sex with each other many times, and now we see it on video! We met for the first time in their breakfast restaurant, where Fiona introduces Brooke, and they run the risk of making flashing her breasts right there! Finding less lively area, they continue to receive a high-spirited, showing off their beautiful butts (Brooke was a cheerleader, too) and distribute each other on camera. Returning home, they become bare, and use two Magic Wand toys in tandem with strong orgasms and heavy splashes! Fiona was first introduced in the vibrator on her first shoot two months ago, and now she uses it obsessively – and introduced him to the Brook the week before the shooting. Now they are injected together! Then they take a shower, lathering each other’s butts, and more talk about their sex lives. All cleaned up, they go down on each other for some intimate oral sex, and return to a more masturbation, orgasms and squirting. Wearing a cute bra and panties, they get playful in the bedroom and show some of their flexibility and cheerleading skills. Back for more fun, we see them to visit the ice cream shop and get a really high-spirited, flashing their vagina and butt and sucking a breast cream. Then we see them get intimate on a busy street, and then watch them take their clothes off and splash around in the water fountain, right in front of another busy street! They do not seem to be worried at all! Then we do a sexy modeling shoot outdoors with just their undies and heels, and then watch them with your finger herself together. Fiona is a tornado and calls itself with it, and then ends urinate directly into the open … and a girl, then go to their undies back on the street and in the car. In the evening of the same day, we see them dressed up in sexy dresses & heels, making out a little more, and this time using Vibraking toy for a super sprayed directly into the office area! Then they penetrate into each other a long cucumber, and in the case of Fiona, she ends up squirting again … The next morning, the girls wake up in each other’s arms, then masturbate on scisorring with each other using their vibrator, squirting on the bed! They end up fighting, and Fiona shows off some of her fighting talents. Downstairs in the lobby, they dance to the music in the nude, as well as demonstrate their sexual movements, as well as their flexible, cheerleading talents. Then, the active girl eventually hike on a mountain trail, and masturbates a little more – splashed across the rocks! Another adventure just shoot with two genuine best friends, and a total of syringe treat for all you squirting fans :)

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Guys! Finally we have here fresh teen meet with totally first time experience! I’m so glad to introduce you YOUNG horny girl Cadey. She is only 18 years old, such a smiley and funny, with slim body and shaved pussy. Her height: 5’5", her figure: 32B-24-35. You’ll definitely love her teen spirit and sweet face. Lets see what her update brought to us: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, massage(Hard): Breast, Magic Wand, Water Squirting, Vagina Gaping, Closeups, Extreme Closeups, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Barbie in pussy!


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310When FTV Girls website updated on July 10, 2015 it brought to us young horny girl with name Hope. She is 21 years old and she extremely loves fisting. She was shot with assisting girl Stacey, who inserted fist in the Hope’s pussy deep. But not only fists were in this girl’s pussy: she fucked her vagina with banana, corn(!) and TWO glass toys. She even tried to use FTV Goliath Toy (very long sex toy). Let’s see what you can watch in the members area:

  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
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  • FTV Goliath Toy

For now you can download 291 High Resolution Photos, 79 mins of HD video of this young crazy sex-addicted girl.

Hope has small boobs, nice big butt and hairy pussy. Her figure is 36B-26-36 with height 5’4". You can watch a lot of her free photos below. Prepare yourself to anal play and pussy close-ups.

Assisting girl’s comments: Picking Hope up at the airport, I got the impression she was a very giggly and fun-loving girl. We had instant chemistry which was great considering this was my first time fisting someone. While I was initially nervous, she eased me into it with her enthusiasm. The experience for me was unlike any other. Being able to fit that much of my hand and forearm inside of her gave me a complete feel of what was going on; especially when she started orgasming. And we really went all out with the fisting; from a simple fist to fist-punching and then to her riding my arm while making out with me. Throughout the course of the day though, she gave me some looks that lead me to believe she was really and truly into it. And of course the orgasms definitely reinforced that. It was such a unique experience, being able to feel literally every curve and contour of her vagina. I must conclude that after the days sexual exploits with Hope, I was as into it as she was


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