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310When FTV Girls website updated on July 10, 2015 it brought to us young horny girl with name Hope. She is 21 years old and she extremely loves fisting. She was shot with assisting girl Stacey, who inserted fist in the Hope’s pussy deep. But not only fists were in this girl’s pussy: she fucked her vagina with banana, corn(!) and TWO glass toys. She even tried to use FTV Goliath Toy (very long sex toy). Let’s see what you can watch in the members area:

  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
  • Girl Girl: Assistant (Stacey)
  • Dancing Scenes
  • Anal Toys
  • Anal Fingering
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Kissing: Assistant (Stacey)
  • Strong Orgasmic Contractions
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Double Penetration
  • Fisting
  • FTV Goliath Toy

For now you can download 291 High Resolution Photos, 79 mins of HD video of this young crazy sex-addicted girl.

Hope has small boobs, nice big butt and hairy pussy. Her figure is 36B-26-36 with height 5’4". You can watch a lot of her free photos below. Prepare yourself to anal play and pussy close-ups.

Assisting girl’s comments: Picking Hope up at the airport, I got the impression she was a very giggly and fun-loving girl. We had instant chemistry which was great considering this was my first time fisting someone. While I was initially nervous, she eased me into it with her enthusiasm. The experience for me was unlike any other. Being able to fit that much of my hand and forearm inside of her gave me a complete feel of what was going on; especially when she started orgasming. And we really went all out with the fisting; from a simple fist to fist-punching and then to her riding my arm while making out with me. Throughout the course of the day though, she gave me some looks that lead me to believe she was really and truly into it. And of course the orgasms definitely reinforced that. It was such a unique experience, being able to feel literally every curve and contour of her vagina. I must conclude that after the days sexual exploits with Hope, I was as into it as she was


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177TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE! FTV EXCLUSIVE! Sexy, sweet, smiley, gorgeous girl on FTV Girls for today! Her name is Janessa and she’d been shot for FTV on 24 October 2014. Janessa is 23 years old and as I said before she looks very sexy with her tall slim body and a great sweet smile on the beautiful face. Her height is 5’5", her figure: 34B-26-37. As I started watching her photos I just noticed her beauty… But then she started to undress & showing her private parts! She is very playful naughty girl, fucking her pussy with the banana and the FTV Monster Toy! So here will be a lot of free FTV photos below. In Janessa’s update:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Shower Scenes
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Anal Fingering
-> Big Ten Toy
-> Upskirt in Public
-> Fruit and Veggie Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> FTV Monster Toy
You can watch all this sensual action on video in HD quality (2 hours of public nudity, masturbation and just funny action) in the members area.
FTV Model’s comments: So let’s talk about guys now… guys.. well, love them and hate them. I have a ton of guy friends but as far as the "boyfriend" role, well thats not really happening right now. I am not too worried about because right now I am able to do me, no pun intended :). I hope you all enjoy watching me cum as much as I cum. One of the best feelings in the world aside from working out. The gym is pretty addicting itself. You see, I get this natural high from it. After every workout I do, the feeling right after is so incredible. Almost as good as cumming. A gym high isnt as intense but it lasts so much longer than an orgasm. All day I am on this silly, smiling, awesome "trip" that just makes my whole day. Drugs? Alcohol? Huh? …. No. Exercise and Hitachi. Haha its so funny, my little dogs just watch me sometimes while I enjoy myself. Animals are by far the most understanding and loyal creatures to be made. My two dogs are my best friends. When I’m sad, angry, annoyed, ecstatic, tired…they are there by side at all times. Love them so much. Ok, so now we are at Exercise, Hitachi, and my puppies. Haha. Life is good and only getting better! So be silly, be weird, be out there because in the end nothing else matters but your own outlook on yourself. I try to be the best friend, sister, daughter, and lover to all who are important to me. Don’t take life too seriously and learn from your mistakes. Its really that simple. Enjoy what all life has to offer and dont critisize too hard. Life is simply what you make of it and I choose to do whatever makes me happy! My friends and family are my number support and I think its important to have some sort of support backing you up. Let’s talk about the shoot that I just did today!AH! I loved it! The more that I get naked, and play with myself, the more that I feel comfortable (doing private things) in public. Its making me realize that its not about how you look or come of to the audience, but more so, how do you feel when you are doing it. Are you comfortable? Can you smile naturally? Can you just go with the flow and let things flow as they come? I can say absolutely to all these questions I just asked. Something that I wasnt sure I could do but I now know I can. Being comfortable with yourself is key to everything. Your happiness, pleasure, love life, etc. It helps too when the people you are working with can make you feel at ease but mainly relys on you. I had such a great time! I am learning new things about myself that I love. I am simply enjoying my time being an FTV girl! So I’m going to end this by saying thank you for a wonderful, new opportunity and I so hope you all enjoy me, as much as I have enjoyed thus far! xo

This is FTVGIRLS Janessa:

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275Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: I picked her up the night before from the airport, her arriving from Tampa. In person, she’s a quiet, almost ‘geeky’ girl you’d never think of when seeing her in the porn shoots she’s done. Loves movies, sci-fi, wears big glasses… So she’s one of the few girls I’m shooting who already is a porn star for the last 2 months, and so not a first timer. I was supposed to shoot her early or perhaps first, but was too busy/booked with other shoots that it fell behind several times. Her ongoing popularity on the internet as well as a horde of member requests encouraged me to book her, even after her being a hardcore porn star for a while. She still comes across as natural, down-to-earth, and able to be herself (which is always a fear of mine — that the girl gets too pornified to be shot FTV-style). After feeding her and getting her comfy that night (and seeing what she brought with her), we start first thing in the morning. With adult talent agents, me & the model don’t get to communicate and prep before the shoot (unlike most of my first time shoots where I answer their queries directly) so the problem always is if she even knows what she’s shooting, and what to bring. The last clip is an outtake of that night, where you can see a more ‘diminutive’ kind of personality and her in her ‘normal’ wear as she arrived from the airport. On the next morning, I pick out one of her cute dresses, and decide to take the plunge and shoot at a very risky open mall location. We start with flashes and upskirt teases, to eventually her masturbating with a vibrator. Timing was perfect — as we finished shooting the photo & video, walking back to the car — two security guards were bee lining to the location we were shooting. It was pretty obvious what we were doing. She was both nervous and excited to experience public nudity for the first time. Back home, I have her try the pink vibrator, which gets her close to orgasm, but wasn’t ideal. She then tried two other vibrators before settling on the vintage vibrator, which ends up bringing her to a very strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. Notice the milky juices that flowed both at the mall and during masturbation, as well as how her toes curl up. She’s got pretty petite private parts, and a small clit which we gets close-ups of, as well as four finger stuffing. I noticed a bit of unshaved pubic hair, wanted her to do a little shaving shoot, but she was too shy to do it on camera. Then going kinky she takes her shoe heel and stuffs it deep to its base! We then go for a lunch, which ends up becoming a topless interview, with more flashing around the area (and getting spotted countless times).

Sample FTV Keisha Photos:


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FTV Jayden

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: This girl is a very sexy, and super tall girl blessed with the most perfect figure. She’s done a lot of soft glamour work for the typical glamour sites — So I worked my hardest to get her out of the generic ‘glamour pose mode’ (ie. the usual strip, dance, tease slowly with generic annoying music added to the video etc..). So as her videos progress, she starts to warm up, and smile more. She does have a beautiful face & smile, and looks a lot more natural when she does open up. Tough to get her trained instincts off keeping her hands on her breasts and her vagina, clear open spreads were tough to get from her! Same went for the masturbation, though she claimed she had orgasms every time, I don’t know what to think. No matter, she is extremely sexy and looked good in whatever she wore, or when she was completely naked. She wears glasses normally, so I thought it would be nice to start the second part with them on. A cute look on her, the lingerie scene leads to some foot play (nice feet too) and then to a large pink toy. Again, she’s used to barely putting a toy in her, so I had to tell her a toy like this is all about stuffing it in deep! Occasionally you can see milky juices build up inside her. Just doing photos of her walking around naked was sexy in itself.
Ahh… she finally opens up! After her 2nd orgasm, she was more smiley and less ‘rigid’, and most of her conversation seemed to come up off camera. So every time (i.e. the toys, the car ride, the lunch break) I would ask her to repeat what she was saying off camera. By the time she started flashing around the restaurant row area, she was more full of smiles, and a natural grace. She had this cute summer dress with her and some nice fitting heels, where I got a lot of breast massage video, and eventually leading to some really hard squeezes. We’d all love to play with those… and when she’s this tall those things can be right in your face! She masturbates with another vibrator, some good close-up views of her clit, and then a nude walk & cool down in the pool. The Big Ten Toy pushed her limits, and she tried taking it down to the base, but it got her rather sore eventually. More about her: She’s half Lebanese and Irish, thus an auburn haired girl with light freckles. The blue dress she wore initially was a bridesmaids’ dress she wore during her friends wedding. She’s more a flip-flop beach type girl, living most if not all of her life near the beach in California, and only wears heels for shoots and modeling. She did some minor fashion/runway when she was younger, and she lost her virginity at 18. This shoot was done when she was first starting out in adult, back in September 2009, and I’m assuming by now she might already be a penthouse pet of the month.

Sample FTV Photos:


Sample FTV Videos:

ftv_jayden_1 ftv_jayden_2

On the FTV paysite she has 258 professional photos & 3500mb of 1440×1080 HD Video:
-> Public Nudity At Mall Area
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm with toy
-> Hard Breast Massage
-> Fancy House Shoot
-> Pool PLay
-> Big Ten Toy Ride
-> Extreme Close-ups
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Model Comments: We went shopping before shooting, and I got to pick out what I’d wear for an ‘interview’. I like looking professional, even if its more relaxed, casual wear. I’m not a big spender on clothes, I like to save, and I will only reward myself with shopping if I’ve achieved something. I’m full blooded Thai, and I have two sisters, one younger, one older. Actually its my younger sister Abby who got me into porn. My parents have no clue, and they would be very upset if they knew what we were doing. They have no reason to know. My parents wanted me to go into nursing, or some medical field. I did pre-med for over 2 years, but I really didn’t like it. Even though my parents paid for the schooling, I’m taking a semester off, then I’m going to into skin care and aesthetics. Medical school and nursing isn’t for me. My parents are very conservative, so they wouldn’t be so happy with my decisions, but I’m an adult, and can take care of myself now. I’m not into drugs or alcohol, and I don’t party. I avoid the adult industry people in LA, and I don’t really mesh with them well. I prefer to go for a nice lunch or dinner, watch a movie, curl up in bed, that sort of thing. Noise and smoke isn’t my thing! Even though I’ve had sex since I was 18, I’ve only had 2 boyfriends. One was 3 years long. How can I sum up my experience at FTV? Very fun, relaxed, and professional. Very different from LA porn, that’s for certain.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments:  Annie has a beautiful face and wonderful smile.  She’s got a more mature persona in comparison to most FTV girls, even down to the way she dresses.  We started in Chinatown, and I was at least able to get some footage before the security guard showed up (end of clip1).  She was going good there, starting to finger herself…  Her shoot is rather ‘conservative’ compared to most FTV girls, a little more ‘softcore’ even though she did a zucchini stuffing scene.  The biggest problem was that she couldn’t have real orgasms, and according to her, has never masturbated in her life.  I’m not sure if she’s simply not a sexual person, but because of it, I ended up shooting less than normal.  I need girls to be able to have real orgasms if I want to shoot more masturbation videos.  She’s a good tease, and extreme close-up fans will enjoy the spreads, long labia pulls, and extreme clit close-ups (hers is pretty large!).  Those of you who correlate larger clits with more sexuality or sensitivity to orgasms/vibrators can see not that its not relevant.  I’ve had girls with the smallest clitoris fly at the slightest touch.  As they say, size doesn’t matter ha-ha.

Sample pictures:


On the FTV paysite she has 199 professional photos & 2000mb of 1440×1080 HD Video:
-> Public Nudity at Chinatown
-> Masturbation with toy
-> Extreme Close-ups
-> Long Labia Stretching
-> Zucchini Stuffing
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