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Dec 2, 2016 FTV members area released new update with 20 years old cute girl Astrid. She’s a natural beauty, with a great figure. Her height: 5’5", her measurements: 36C-25-36. Perfect butt,  full C cup breasts. FTV Astrid is a shy lady, never do something like this shot before, so this is her FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Astrid started having sex at 18, but stopped for 2 years. And her vagina was literally sealed shut until the first masturbation video FTV Girls did on this shoot… 252 photos & 83 minutes of HD video of Astrid can be downloaded from the members area right now.

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Meet FTV Girls Whitney, 24 yo brunette. She is not a slim lady, but has sexy legs and a full, firm butt! Maybe her soft skin & the lack of tattoos make her body sexier. So FTV photographer made his primary focus the lower half of Whitney. Her figure: 36B-25-38 and she is 5’5" tall. She can remind you fat Katy Perry with those big blue eyes and the smile. Whitney’s favorite things to do are swimming, exercising, biking, playing sports, cooking, spending time with friends, reading articles about any science or history topic, dancing, exploring, and of course, traveling. In this year she’s been to Mexico, New York, Vegas, Belize, Miami, Los Angeles, Ireland, England, Germany, Greece, and Italy. She travels by herself to all of these places and she loves it. But we not interested in her personality as much as we interested in private parts of her body, right? So lets watch her nude photos shot by FTV Girls.

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I think how I could miss this hottie in the members area and not post to FTV Magic?! Time to make it right. Meet Audrey, young lady with a perfect figure. She is 5’8" tall, her measurements: 34B-25-36 and she has a perfect ass. In her 23 Audrey has her TOTALLY FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. In her update:

Public Nudity
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
Dancing Scene

Upskirt in Public
Anal Toys
Extreme Closeups

In total 321 photos & 113 minutes of HD video (feels like her pussy right in front of your eyes) with FTV Audrey can be downloaded from the members area.

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Hello everybody. November 18, 2016 members area updated with a great chick. Let’s meet a fresh face! Teen girl in her 19 y.o. having her first time experience with FTV Girls. Her name is Megan, she is petite, naturally blonde, and have blue eyes. Her height: 5’2". Her figure: 34B-26-35. She has a really good personality. She loves meeting new people and can start a random conversation with just about anyone! So FTV photographer was able to made a great shot of this open-minded young lady.

In this FTV Girls update:

General: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public.
Fetish: Panty Stuffing, Anal Toys, Anal Fingering, Speculum, Big Ten Toy, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Extreme Closeups.
In total 348 photos (1600px) and 143 minutes of video (12000kb HD) in the members area.

FTV Videographer’s Comments

Megan, who lives locally, didn’t need to send application photos, I met her at her work, while buying some clothes for Blaire’s FTV shoot. She was so intrigued by the tall Blaire, she got curious and asked about what she was shooting. I referred her to the site, and after a month or so, she decided she wanted to shoot for the site. She was very thorough with watching the tour vids and seeing what girls did, and wanted to try a few of those things. Here’s two candid photos of her: #1 #2. She definitely is an animal lover, who also worked at a local pet store, and as I walked into her apartment, there were 3 dogs and 2 cats running about. First thing you’ll notice is how she smiles and laughs a lot, and is definitely an upbeat, bubbly kind of girl. We started the shoot right there, introducing her cute little kitten (was found lost & abandoned on the street) and showing her bedroom/living area. The place wasn’t necessarily the best place to shoot as you can see, with low lighting and not much to see, but since it is her home, it adds a personal feel to her introduction. Wearing only little pink panties and a short top, its all about teases at first, then her wanting to do a panty stuffing scene. Then I let her record herself masturbating, coming to orgasm with very strong vaginal contractions. We then go for butt views and ass play, starting with a finger and then a butt toy. She’s never used an anal toy before, and tests her limits. She really wanted to model her corset and heels, though the lighting in the living room was not condusive to a quality shoot. It gets even kinkier when she does a speculum scene (though she does have a really small, tight vagina as you can see) and then her ‘boy toy’ pushes her vaginal walls around by fingering her butt. I decide that her ‘boy toy’ could participate further, by doing her with the Big Ten Toy, even though it is much bigger than anything she’s ever had. Starting doggy, it turns into missionary, where she can use the vibrator and bring herself to orgasm. Notice her innocence and constant look towards me for direction, as she’s never done anything on camera before. We then go out to eat, do some teasers at the restaurant and a grocery store, and move to a location where she can penetrate herself with the cucumber she bought. Again, she is constantly looking at me for direction, but she gets better with everything over time.

FTV Megan’s Free Photos

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New update released in the members area on Nov 11, 2016. Amazing shot with crazy girls! Lana & Stella. Both sexy & horny! 115 minutes of HD video & 452 photos. I advice you to subscribe FTV Girls today and start watching.

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