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Moving across the country was difficult away from my friends and family, but the people I met made the transition a lot easier than I could have imagined. My new friends showed me so many cool places, and we created many wonderful memories together. Besides school, I have a lot of hobbies. First of all, I have been playing football since I was little and have never lost my love for sports. I played for my school team, as well as for club teams. Usually I play outside the midfielder, but sometimes I play and forward. I tried all my life to do many other sports, such as softball, basketball, athletics, cross-country skiing and gymnastics. Besides football, I would say that gymnastics was my second favorite sport! Unfortunately, because of school, I could not continue to engage in football and gymnastics, so I had to choose one. I love to stay active, so I am always in the gym! I am really in the climb (especially on the day of the legs) and swimming. I like to take new workouts that I have never tried before. My favorite activities are Les Mills! They are always energetic, and the instructors encourage me to keep putting pressure on myself every time. As for swimming, I like swimming most of all on vacation, which is another great hobby of mine. I prefer the ocean, because the waves are very relaxing, and my favorite animal is in the ocean (dolphins!). Fortunately, I could swim and meet dolphins many times, which was a great experience every time!

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