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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Kylie definitely has that innocence and newcomer feel from the ‘small town with a desire to break out through porn. We got a bunch of teasers on location, along with breakfast, and even with her casual clothes, she can look really hot with those ultra-firm breasts not needing a bra and bouncing around at the mall. She had some nice natural orgasms with the vibrators, but with her fuller butt, it seems harder to catch her orgasmic contractions on video. When it came to the Big Ten, you can see how it is the biggest thing she’s ever had, and her tight vagina tries to accommodate it. That 4’10” figure probably has a ‘short’ vagina that bottoms out really easily as you can see when she rides it. She did ‘break’ herself a bit with that toy, so we moved on to some anal play from that point on.

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