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Whitney is one of those girls who was a total turn on in every way possible. She hit all the right buttons for me. Not just that she had those huge naturals to play with, but her beautiful eyes and smile, her long sexy legs, and when it came to what matters in sex — her amazing feeling vagina. You would never know by just seeing her, but her vagina is very tight throughout, and whether I’m just entering her or bottoming out, it feels amazing through and through. With all this stimulus, and her really nice natural smell & skin, she’s the type of girl that can make me come more than once, and make me stay hard for a round two. I had a lot of choices with her as to what she should wear for our sex scene, and my favorite was the flowery dress and tan heels. It makes her taller than me, but I like that. We start by making out, and her going down on me — then fucking on the spot in doggy. She’s naturally wet all the time, and I’m sure the arousal helped — so her juices were building up on my penis, and can be seen throughout the video, especially when she’s on top. I go down on her too, which I’d do even more if I could, she’s got a really pretty and tasty vagina. On the couch, I fuck her missionary, and can’t hold back anymore — and come on her tummy. But she keeps me hard for another round, so we head to the bed for a lot more fucking until I come on her succulent butt. She’s one of those girls I wish I could have dated, she is just so my type.

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