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This supercute teen sent me some photos of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 and I thought wow, she’s got to be on FTV, if she’s truly capable of being comfy with nudes & masturbation. She was not only into it, but really excited to come, and expressed her desire to have a career in the adult industry. She then sent some semi nude teasers: #5 #6 #7. When I picked her up from the airport, she was quite petite in person, and very charismatic. She’s one of those girls with not a single bad bone in her, with positive energy and radiant green eyes. On the morning of the shoot, friends of mine demanded I attend a car event, so I brought her with me and made a shoot out of it. She had her breakfast there, and showed off that sexy figure with a skimpy top and form-fitting jeans. She does love puppies… Poolside she strips down and shows off her cute butt and her round breasts (and petite, perky nipples), and expresses a strong desire to masturbate ASAP. This girl was really excited to use vibrators (I guess she doesn’t have any) and the way she opened up and the joy on her face as she put the vibrator to her clit! She’s a very ‘mobile’ masturbator, squirming everywhere and pretty vocal about it all too. Multiple strong orgasms, with visible vaginal contractions (when she isn’t squirming). When I showed her the Big Ten Toy, I was waiting for a shocked face ‘too big’ etc… but she was like ‘this is perfect’ and took it like it was her every day boyfriend. She pounds herself hard with it, takes it deep, and has more orgasms when she uses the Eroscillator in tandem with the dildo. I especially like it when she does herself doggy style, hot to watch! Then we go for a cute dancing scene, with which her sexy body looks great in motion, wearing bra & panties (which don’t stay on very long).

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