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She borrowed Lia’s red dress and heels, and we went out on location to a restaurant area, and I expected her to by shy about flashing, but she had no problem with it. I think if I had asked her to walk naked in the middle of a busy street, she would have. I pushed the flashing and exposure in the area until a security car came in to the area, and sat there; probably seeing what I was doing, or someone had called us in (so many windows we can’t see what’s inside). At home, she does a very ‘white girl’ dance, then masturbates with her fingers to orgasm. That’s how she does it in personal life, and she’s never used a vibrator before. She’s also never used toys before, and she experiments with several toys, all the way to the Big Ten which she enjoyed. I would have her do clit spreads, but somehow no matter how many times I would direct her in spreading it properly, her finger would still go over the clit.

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