FTV Girls Kourtni (January 2017)
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Model Comments

Born and rasied in the beautiful USA. Totally outgoing and always love a challenge! Grew up in a small town and moved to this big beautifil city where i lost my virgintiy and had a great time doing so. In the last 5 months I’ve had sex twice! So you can say I’m a super tight girl! Animals are my favorite things creatated here on earth! Top 5 dogs are huskies, german shephards, great danes, labs, and golden retrivers! I got to do my very first shoot here at FTV and i loved it! Tried new things like putting sharpies inside me, using a magic wand, pushing my limits for sure! And… Squirted for the first time ever! (along with my first orgasm EVER) PLus i’m an extreme girl! Who knew?! I love shopping and traveling to new places hopefully going to take a few trips before 2016 comes to its end. I’m always on the look to try new things, whether it’s food, friends, or sexual. Horseback riding it my get away from this crazy life! (Plus i love being on top and in control of things!(; ) Hopefully can be getting one soon! Ether a big beautiful black one, paint, or a brown one with a white face marking. Working out and eating healthy is my favorite! Running is my get away at the gym then after that arms, back, legs, and of course booty! Salad and Go and Chipotle are my life ? You buy my chipotle we’re getting married! haha Anytime I’m in a dress no panties are worn(; haha I am very outgoing, super fun, you can always count on me to make you luagh and smile. You will never see a sour or sad look on my face cause there is way too much to look forward too!

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

For once, a girl who doesn’t have to fly in, she drives herself to the FTV house, and lives locally — she sent me these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5. From the start, our communication by email and phone showed me how excited she was about shooting, and even though she’s a first timer, she’s got a horny side to her that is waiting to explode. I find out that the last 5 months she’s only had sex twice, mostly because the boyfriend she’s dating is Mormon, and the two times she did it he felt shame/regret and so she’s hasn’t got anything else since then. Her arousal really does show, when you see the milky wetness build up between her legs as she starts showing off her clothes in the first clip. When she drove up with what she was wearing, I had to shoot her in her car right away. According to her, she likes dressing up provocatively, and wearing no panties. I like seeing her in doggy, and so even the coverpage has her in that position. Something about her butt… She is introduced to the Magic Wand toy — she’s never used one before, and only has some cheap smaller vibrators. The cutest thing happens — she gets that ‘squirting feeling’ and stops, to warn me about it, and I only encourage her to continue. What comes after is a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions — and according to her it was the first orgasm of her life, because she had never felt anything like that before. I love these one-shot unscripted moments, where the girl discovers so much about herself with such pleasant surprises. Also notice how milky wet she got, and mini-squirted too. We then watch her spread her pretty vagina, and talk about her early sex life, as well as finger herself (never had three fingers in her) and notice how the milky juices keep building up on her fingers. She tastes herself, and we get closeups of her clit, labia stretching and mini-gaping. She also demonstrates some mini-kegels with her vagina. We move on to dildos, starting the the long dildo, and as she penetrates herself with it, I notice how she does enjoy it — and those milky juices keep building up on the toy. She also takes it pretty deep. I have her take the juices and rub them on her nipples, then suck them off. You can even see some on her tongue. Hot stuff. Trying to see where her limits are, I let her attempt the Big Ten Toy next, and she enjoys it even more than the other toy! On the ride, she takes it surprisingly deep. Love seeing that ass in action on the countertop. That nice low view under the stool seems to be the best way to get a nice view of another potential orgasm — so I shoot her using the Magic Wand toy underneath her. She ends up squirting again, and it goes right to my shorts — it was enough that it soaked me down there. Notice a pattern — she has her orgasm/contractions, and squirt follows right after that. I have her push four fingers into her vagina, and taste herself again, then lick off some of the juices that fell on the floor. The last clip is sort of an outtake, with her playing with the friends’ dog, having lunch, and playing with a banana.

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