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Model Comments

Hi Guys! My name is Riley, Im 22 and from the beautiful mountains of WNC. I’ve been doing mostly artistic nude modeling for a couple years now and recently started shooting more erotic style.

I dream of being on penthouse cover and modeling for playboy! Modeling for Playboy has been a dream ever since i was younger watching Girls Next Door lol. My man crush is Steph Curry from the golden state warriors!!! He is so verrrryyyyyyy fine and sexyyyy! Wished that i was his wife instead and had his babies lol! My hobbies are hiking, swimming, shopping, and cooking. I also enjoy being lazy at home doing not much of anything! I love to netflix and chill with my boyfriend, we are currently rewatching all the Game Of Thrones series! I sometimes like to workout while at home, i do yoga and pilates. Sometimes when im not at home Im mostly traveling and modeling! My favorite place is San Francisco, Im hopefully moving close to that area soon.Im also a medical patirnt in California! i love blowing my modeling money on a whole bunch of top shelf stuff such as bud, wax, and edible. Im like a little kid in the candy store every time. Id like to eventually go to college for business/hospitality and culinary after moving. In high school I took a ProStart class where we competed against other schools in culinary and business management, we one 1st place in culinary and 2nd in business management. I loved it. Would like to pick up on some pole dancing classes, i think it would be sexy to know some pole tricks and a great workout! Also I also NEED one or two Fur babies, of course adopt or rescue. My long term goal is to eventually settle down and start a family with my boyfriend. Maybe adopt or foster children later on in the future.

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

A good friend of Winter who shot a few weeks back, her experience encouraged Riley to come and do the same, though Riley is definitely more capable physically when it came to penetration, and far kinker, though I didn’t know what to expect at first. Here’s some photos she sent me: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 and two nudes #7 #8. She’s got some really nice naturals, and an amazing waistline and butt once I saw her in person. What is very refreshing is how she doesn’t have a single tattoo anywhere. She arrived the night before, got a good rest, and first thing in the morning, we headed out for an on-location photo & video shoot. I picked out a dress that was possibly too revealing — not only does her breasts pop out, but her vagina shows as well. Her long labia can be easily seen between her legs, and anyone passing by could see the same. Made for a very sexy shoot no doubt, and while the temperature was still under 100 degrees. She wasn’t too shy about it all, and until that one time a certain female got incredibly upset by what she saw (end of clip 1 — we moved to another location) Riley was all about letting loose with her gorgeous figure. Everything is perfect on her; having her walk completely naked on the street in full-on sun shows you how flawless she is. Cooling back down at home, she rests her feet by taking her shoes off, which led to a foot fetish scene. She’s not a big fan of her feet (and she’s never sucked or kissed her toes before) but she was willing to show them off. They look fine to me… She was shy about masturbating in front of me, so I set up two video cameras to catch the action. She can get off with just her fingers, and so that’s show she did it; ending up with two orgasms, in a rather long clit rubbing session. They’re definitely genuine orgasms, even though I could not see those contractions. She spreads and pulls on her labia, exposes her clit for some extreme closeups. She talked about the biggest penis she’s ever had, so I brought something comparable, but then she realized the Big Ten is even bigger. She didn’t have much trouble taking it however, at least not for a while, she seems to be pretty good at taking its width, but the depth makes her sore when she pushes it super deep. She did take about 8 inches deep, trying several different positions. Anal experimentation follows, with her poking her butt for the first time, then trying a glass ball toy. Whatever the penetration of both vagina and butt did, it made her need to pee, so I recorded her doing it. For a second there, I thought she would be pee shy, but managed tinkle a little. We follow up on the water sports with a water hose scene, as she pushes the hose deep inside her, with the water turned on. She enjoys the experience, and according to her, helps ‘cool her down’ from the heat. I can see that… I turn on the water to full power, and wow, does her vagina become a super water fountain. When she stands up, we get to see her push out what’s left inside. More public play, kinky fun to come on her second day update, part two.

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