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I’ve heard a lot of great things about FTV and I finally get my chance to shoot for them.  Taylor Vixen is a friend of mine and she actually referred me to FTV.  I’ve played around with her before, and she’s such a sweet girl.  Well here is a bit of my bio:  I was born in California, my mom’s side is Japanese & German, my dad’s side was American Indian.  So I’ve got blue eyes, Asian features, and Indian cheekbones.  I wish I didn’t inherit my mom’s hair issues though, that’s the only thing I don’t like.  I’m happy with my figure, and I don’t mind small breasts at all.  I’d rather not get implants or augment anything.  I moved from CA to Pittsburgh, PA, and as soon as I turned 18, I started dancing at a local club.  I can’t say I was a great dancer and I’m not particularly flexible, but my looks helped.  I think most guys are tired of the big implant girls, even in a strip club.  I kept getting approached by a shooter from one of the larger porn sites, and I kept refusing.  When I finally moved back to CA, I decided to give it a shot.  I don’t live in ‘porn valley’ san fernando though, I live in Hollywood.  I might be paying more rent in Hollywood, but I love it here and it doesn’t feel ghetto like the valley.  Still though, Hollywood isn’t safe at night, so if I’m going out, I go with a group of friends, never alone.  I know I brought a ton of dresses with me, and its just one tenth of what I have at home.  I’m mostly a casual person in the daytime, like you see me at the mall shoot, but at night when I go out its all about dressing up and getting taller.  My purple dress and heels is one of my favorites, and I could see it turned the photographer on.  By the way, I’ve never ever squirted like that when I masturbate (I’ve only squirted while having sex), so it really was a first time for me.  I can’t explain why it happened then, but that vibrator is one of a kind.  I love my magic wand, but this was a bit better.  I couldn’t make it past the big suction cup dildo, but then again its the biggest thing I’ve ever had in my vagina.  I’m only 95 pounds, and that thing was huge.  It could split me in half!

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-> Public Nudity: Fancy Mall
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm with toy
-> Changeroom Scene
-> Dress up Scene
-> Extreme Close-ups, Milky Wet
-> Squirting Orgasm
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Anal Fingering
-> Bead Necklace Stuffing
-> Panty Stuffing
-> Big Ten Toy, Long Pink Toy
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