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When she first sent application, it was pretty much all headshots #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 — cute face, but only later did I do a facetime with her and saw her incredible body in the nude. First off, not a single tattoo, which is very refreshing, and not a single flaw on her fit form. She was a gymnast when she was younger, and that perfect form seems to have been retained as she’s gotten older. She could have lied and said she works out everyday, and it would be totally believable, but truth is she hasn’t in a while. Whatever the case, she’s got the genetics for sure. She’s a tomboy in a way, and didn’t have any cute dresses/heels etc… so I shot her with the cutest thing she had with her, this white romper/dress with a cute bra/panties underneath. We went to a popular tourist destination to introduce her, and appreciate that incredible body along with some great ‘fashion’ photos. Back home, she strips down, does a dance, and more photos — yeah her figure is truly flawless. A little pee scene too, though she does get that ‘pee fright’. She has some really nice round breasts, and she’s all about getting those nipples stretched to the max. Those breasts are meant for sucking on. She does use vibrators a lot, and likes strong vibrations, so I had her go straight to the Vibraking. She also prefers to be penetrated while something is on her clit. Pretty quickly, she gets milky wet, and eventually ends up squirting. We then shift to the shorter FTV Monster Toy, really stretching her out, and seeing how deep she can go. Notice she can go wide, but has a ‘shallow’ vagina. She’s fisted before, and here she does it again — very hot to watch, and even hotter when she has an orgasm while fisting with the help of the Vibraking. The vaginal contractions are visible, but in a rather different way — she’s gaping from the side when you see it. She also does some incredible gapes afterwards, notice how wet she always seems to be. Anal to finish, from fingers to the glass toy, and goes pretty deep with it. It does get super kinky, when she’s pushing the glass toy about through her vaginal walls using her fingers. More to come in part 2…

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