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The fact that she has not had sex for 2 months, and that she is with the same guy who has a relatively small penis, she is really ‘unused’ and tense over there. What caught me off guard is that she suddenly “crave for cock” – did not expect it. We go to a dance scene, which she feels good, shaking her hips and moving to the rhythm. Bouncy boobs are a bonus; and after that, a nice hard breast massage and close-ups for the big boobs. The big dildo had to see what its limits were – and she managed to take most of it, even if she really pushed her limits. Also a little more masturbation on the bed as an exit video. She comes back in two weeks of this shoot, this time doing her nails and putting on makeup with her (on this shoot she did not have makeup) so it should be different for her on part 2. * By the way, a temporary video camera was used for this shoot, waiting for a replacement camera (the main camera broke), so the colors are a little “blah” on this shoot.

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