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What I also love about her figure is that she has no tattoos whatsoever, which is a refreshing sight. Her cute sporty figure is fun to watch; putting on workout clothes, we visit a park where she does some acrobatics and running about. That seethrough sports bra really shows off her perky nipples, and the bouncy breasts underneath. She also plays racketball a lot, so she was skillful at playing at the court, and we get some good videos of that. Once again, she starts pushing to masturbate, and this time I decided to introduce her to a vibrator, a good one being the Eroscillator. Within a minute she ends up with an orgasm, and you can see that surprise on her face! She didn’t expect to end up with one so fast, and as she continues to use it, she starts squirting, and nervously wants to stop, but I encourage her to continue… and she squirts some more with another orgasm. Making a wet spot, I find out that she’s never squirted in her life. Then its dancing time, and this girl loves to move; so we get two different angles for her dancing video. She can definitely twerk! A little peeing scene next, then an outfit change to a sexy black dress & heels. Some hard breast massage, then she gets naked and ends up fucking a banana (and eating it afterwards). Speaking of food, then we do the lunch break. Now according to her, she’s got a cute friend who wants to shoot too, so I hope that works out — I saw photos of this friend and she is definitely FTV material.

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