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Her butt is perfect and she loves to show it off. We get acrobatics, then we go home to the highly requested “urination scene”. She was very shy about it, so I had to look the other way, and I had to leave the camera on a tripod. Then it’s all about extreme images of her private individuals, with a special focus on her pretty clitoris. Dancing is nearby, and she does it pretty nicely, she said she wasn’t that great and doesn’t know if she wants to make a dance video. I encouraged her. Eventually distracted Scarlett (who, of course, was also staying at home). The clip7 is an interesting training session in the gym, where she continues to demonstrate her acrobatics, as well as some really beautiful open “expositions”. The last clip is an extra behind the scenes of some girls ’communication and so on. Yes, I hope she decides one day to do more things like masturbation and toys, but I’m glad FTV has seen such a hot girl showing more than she ever has in life.

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