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My first job is working at a local mini golf / ice cream shop. I worked on a game of mini-golf, which is actually pretty crazy, considering that my boss was a sexist and gay. It was not a good combination for me. You see, I was the only girl who was working golf at the moment, which is crazy about all the other girls working in the kitchen. How I avoided this occupation will never be known, but I am sure that I am glad that I did not cook food all day. All the guys dug up ice cream or worked with me in a golf shack, and when I asked if I could get ice cream, I was almost ridiculed. Every year, all the guys at the golf shack get a promotion … but I never did. There was a small warehouse where there were rumors that some employees would connect, and it became a joke when this guy always asked me to go to the warehouse with me. At first I did not receive it, but later I thanked myself for rejecting his proposal as soon as I received the hint.

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