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Valentina applied through snapchat, and sent me these pictures of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5. Then I asked her to send some nudes where she isn’t wearing any makeup: #6 #7. Great natural figure, and supercute — we set a shoot up. She was very excited when she arrived, and I caught some of it on the outtake video (clip 8). She was always full of smiles, spontaneous movement, and just overall very spunky in energy and attitude. I picked out my favorite dress and heels she brought with her (and the only panties she brought over) and went on location for a fashion shoot and upskirt teasers. She has some very sexy legs, and as she got naked, I noticed her fine bubble butt and those nice round B-cup breasts. Big beautiful eyes and nice smile too. She believed that she could masturbate just with her fingers, and she supposedly does so several times a day, so I put a camera on tripod (clip 3) and did a second camera recording (clip 4). She ended up with two orgasms, one somewhere around the middle about 7 minutes in — it was very sensual to see her do it in a natural manner, then have those strong vaginal contractions. We then get closeups of her private parts, she’s shy about her ‘long labia’, and giggled a lot — then we went straight to anal. She’s never really had anal play before, but ends up fingering her butt, and using that glass toy. Then I surprise her with the Big Ten (I put it behind me and showed it to her for the first time while recording her to get that initial surprise). She works it in, and ends up taking it rather deep, surprising herself. Even more surprising was when she ended up getting really into it, then rubbing herself and ending up with another nice natural orgasm. Almost seems like we don’t need any vibrators…

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