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Released: September 4, 2018


Age: 19. Height: 5’3/4″. Body: 33A-23-35.

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The favorite kinky squirrel of the members FTV Girls Melody is back, this time, pushing it even further, with all kinds of new challenges and fetishes! We see her in a pretty dress, in front of a selection of monster toys, then follow her outside. It’s a hot day, but it has something that cools it … it’s a bottle of water inside it! She pushes him back with his strong vaginal muscles, then drinks him. With a vibrator, she starts to masturbate, squirt and, kissing, she becomes milky and wet! Slowly pushing several fingers, she finally pushes her whole hand until she faints! It’s been a long time since she did that, so it takes time, she pushes her limits … but to go further, she takes a big double end toy and tries to get both heads! Then comes the ultimate challenge: get treatment! All his hand goes deep, then he tightens it while she rubs with pleasure! It then goes to even bigger things, like the FTV Monster, then the FTV Titan Toy! She is so long that she takes them as deep as possible … and ends with a baseball bat that goes abnormally! She even has a real orgasm while getting fucked and rubbing her clit at the same time!

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