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She does like jogging, its one of her ‘hobbies’, and so we do a little jogging scene at a lakeside park. Of course, it slowly moves to topless, watching those breasts bounce, and she shows off her backbends and cartwheels too. It seems to be an FTV tradition nowadays for girls to have the ‘acrobatic’ talent. She also has her banana with her, which she proceeds to use on a park bench. She seems to get so wet so easily, she never needs lube for things like this. A random guy shows up and watches, then some city employees get curious and keep driving by. As long as they weren’t planning on calling us in, its all good. And Carmen doesn’t seem to mind the attention. As she says rather spontaneously, that she’s doing this shoot more for the experience than for the money. Heading back, she does another dance to music, then has her strongest orgasm in the bathroom with the Eroscillator.

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