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Hi Lia guys here! Mia’s shooting didn’t start well. Suddenly, after the first set, he received a text and wanted to go home. I asked her to finish filming or at least half a day. But he had to leave for some reason. I was just planning to wash my hands completely. But fast forward a few days. Mia came to me and wrote me a big apology, which was very sweet. He asked for a second chance. So I gave him one. See pictures of her app # 1 # 2 # 3 and # 4 I’m glad I did it because she did a good job and I’m pretty sure I recorded the longest squirt ever! In 1 minute! I also made a set of cucumbers on my new suspended chair in the backyard. I went to the location twice and she softened both places. As we headed for the FTV house for the last shot, her neck ached a lot and she went down. You could tell she was sick. Looks like he had streptococcus. I wish he’d told me earlier in the day because he gave it to me. Well deserved. I appreciate that he tried so hard to work with us and be able to participate in an excellent update even with all the hiccups. Enjoy Mia

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