Outdoors Acrobatics with Athena
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I’m very social and love meeting new people who I can learn from. I love picking up new hobbies and when I’m bored I’ll learn a new song on the piano, read up on a topic that interests me to expand my knowledge, or simply look for a class in my area that I haven’t tried before. (Just recently started taking boxing) My favorite animal is an elephant and has been since before I can remember. So after years of thinking it over, I got an elephant tattoo on my hip and I love it so much. My favorite color is green, mostly because I love nature, and nature tends to be green but pink is a close second because it’s such a happy color. My personality is a mix of country and city girl for sure. I love shooting guns, going wheeling, getting dirty, and riding horses. But I also love going out to night clubs to dance with my girlfriends, going shopping, exploring big cities, and dressing up for formal events. I’m 21 years old and I might look like it, but everyone who is around me for extended periods of time say I have an old soul. I’ve had a lot of life experience in my short amount of time and I’ve learned a lot from it. It’s made me a more understanding, compasionate person and I love that about myself. I love taking advantage of crazy opportunities that present themselves to switch up my routine and make my life more interesting. That’s one reason I’m excited to get more involved in the industry. I’ve had a great time with my first several scenes I’ve done and I look forward to all of the amazing people I get to work with in the future. The shoot with FTV Girls has definitely been one of my favorites. I loved that I got to show my happy, bubbly, goofy personality and got to let everyone know a little bit more about me on a personal level. The shooting locations were stunning and I liked that we shot at several different locations for every clip, all of which had perfect lighting. After looking at the quality of some of this stills, I knew this was going to be a great scene.

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