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Hey people, its Daisy, whats up. I was a Videoteam contract girl for a year but just finished being exclusive with them, so now I can model with who I want. The photographer told me that he wanted to shoot me for FTV for over two years now, so he finally gets his chance! Actually I looked them up and set up a shoot. I was told about this site from a friend who modeled for them, her name is Marlena. When we started shooting I didn’t even have to change clothes, I’m wearing exactly what I had on when I arrived from the airport. My shirt, shoes and bag all match, see?
So we headed back to the house, and it was the perfect excuse to get changed to another outfit, this skimpy seethrough top and bottom which the photographer really liked. And I brought my vibrator too. There was two guys in a taxi who just seemed to stick around instead of going wherever they planned when I came by. I walked up the stairs, sat in a corner, teased myself (and you), moved to the doorway where I took my panties off, and moved on to the good stuff. That is, a place where I can sit and cum as much as I want to.
I already started masturbating and playing with myself before the photographer started shooting, I couldn’t wait to use the vibrator. I was extremely horny today, and that morning cum session wasn’t nearly enough. So first I gave a medium sized toy a blowjob, and kind of licked it like a lolipop while the photographer asked me some sexual personal questions. Then I fingered my pussy and got myself all wet.
I chose a bunch of toys to use and they were all sitting to the side. I started with the small vibrator, then did the medium sized one, and then the big ten inch toy. That’s really big. Even though my boyfriend is almost that big, its also not as hard, so a big toy like this feels really stiff in my pussy. The biggest one they call big pink was insane, its as wide as my forearm. I used the vibrator on my clit to help loosen me up and make it more pleasurable. Its so big that when I put it in my pussy it stays there and doesn’t budge. After the big toy experience, I really wanted to cum, and the photographer gave me the green light, so I worked the vibrator on my pussy and took the medium one that vibrates and pushed it as deep as it could go and it put me over the edge and I came at least twice. I didn’t want to stop after the photographer stopped taping, and I really like fingering myself on my ‘g-spot’ after I’ve had sex or used toys like these.
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